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Are you looking for Bare-Metal?

Step Into the Internet with our Bare-Metal
servers designed for your purposes

We deliver secure, powerful and fully customizable dedicated servers to empower your needs

Dedicated servers
deployed within 10 minutes

Whether you have a sophisticated project, exclusive hardware requirements
or want to move your business to the next level - our dedicated server professionals will handle it all.
Let’s get rocket-straight to discussing your goals and find that best server you are looking for.

Hardware focus

Industry leading hardware
pre-configured for seamless deployment

100% yours

In Bare Metal Server
nothing is shared

Delivered In a Flash

Our default configuration servers
are deployed in 10 minutes

Performace Orientated

Pre-built servers optimized and tweaked for seamless performance

Be Up to Date

Newest Intel CPUs
available as they launch

Business focus

Move your business to the next level
with a hearty touch of our server experts

Be safe out there

Your data is secured, private
and, optionally, backed-up

Make informed decisions

Our engineers will go an extra mile to give you the information you need

Price & Performance Balance

Cutting-edge performance
for a client friendly price

Environmentally friendly

We've built our own green Datacenter with free-cooling to host your servers

Project focus

Fully customizable dedicated servers
for the most challenging projects

Custom Solutions

NVMe, NAS, GPU, Xeon Phi, clusters - you name it, we‘ll make it work

Planned Deployment

Roll-out your system to production mode exactly when it is needed

On the Go Hardware Replacement

Standard server components
can be replaced in an hour

Keep costs in check

Control your expenses
by going with flat-rate billing
Very quick and positive response, issue resolved, great service as always.
Nathan O.
11 servers
Friendly and competent help.
Lukas.saegesser .
1 servers
I found your receivable and customer care guys very helpful. They did best to resolve the issue. thank you!
Shakeel Shahzad
18 servers
I am very happy with the help and advice I was webmaster was on holiday and my sites were down...and you guys got me up and running which I am very grateful for. Thankyou!
1 servers
A wonderful team, especially Darius, always ready to help and fix everything. Keep going.The best of all teams I have ever worked with.
Ergyspapa .
6 servers
Thank you very much for your attention. All our requests are executed in the best possible way. We have a pleasure to work with you. Best regards, Ignite Outsourcing
Ignite Outsourcing
3 servers
congratulations, very fast response and solution even on sunday afternoon, thank you :)
Tomislav G.
6 servers
I am very happy to use your services and your support team is absolutely prefect.
12 servers
Everything went as expected. Thanks for being open with hosting privacy enabling software.
Monoko S.
1 servers
Thank for your support and Attention. The Best support!!!!
2 servers