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VPS Servers

VPS Servers with shared or dedicated resources for small to average workloads

  • Choose to build on a
    powerful Cloud Platform
  • Deploy VPS Servers automatically in a few blinks
  • Have 99.97% SLA & free Technical Support 24/7
  • Pay with Bitcoin or numerous other options
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3 Minute Deploys

Our pre-built servers are prepared and provisioned automatically from the ground up

Managed via Client Portal or API

Control your servers with a few clicks, or automate server management via RESTful API

Billed on hourly or fixed-period basis

Manage your expenses with hourly billing, or save money by ordering fixed-term services

Premium performance per dollar guaranteed by our Virtual Infrastructure

When you are about to kick-start a small project, or create a cost-effective distributed system, you most likely want to squeeze out the most performance from your investment. We've benchmarked our server series to give you an easy way to compare them, and choose the best one for your use case.

Geekbench 5 CPU Performance per dollar

Geekbench 5 CPU Performance per dollar

Cloud VPS Servers

Small & swift virtual servers that can be easily scaled up on the go. Perfectly suited for small websites, microservices, distributed systems and development environments.

Why Cloud VPS Servers?

  • Scale-up As You Go

    Cloud VPS servers can be easily scaled-up to a higher tier to upgrade CPU, RAM and storage resources.

  • Full Automation

    Our ever-alert robots deploy servers within a few minutes, and monitor resource utilization for you.

  • Directly Attached Storage

    High performance SSD storage with up to 3000 IOPS to skyrocket your read/write operations

Smart VPS Servers

Top-performing virtual servers with fully dedicated resources and no noisy neighbours. Ideal for databases, e-commerce platforms and other CPU-intensive applications where stable workloads are required.

Why Smart VPS Servers?

  • Top Performance

    Every Smart VPS server has fully dedicated CPU, RAM and Storage resources. No more noisy neighbors!

  • Full Automation

    Our ever-alert robots deploy servers within a few minutes, and monitor resource utilization for you.

  • Directly Attached Storage

    Dedicated SSD or HDD drives on RAID 1 for increased data redundancy & security

Elastic Block Storage

Easily scalable block storage that can be attached to any server
Best for backups, data warehouses or big data applications
Best for backups, data warehouses or big data applications
Data triplicated on HDD drives with 500 IOPS
Data triplicated on HDD drives with 500 IOPS
Data is triplicated with storage blocks operating privately on a VLAN level
Storage blocks operate privately on a VLAN level
Calculate your storage costs
Can be ordered trough your client portal and scaled-out on the go
1024 GB
Hourly price:
0.000086 USD/GB
Monthly usage:
51.20 USD
Total price:
0.088064 USD/hr

Robust Networking

  • Premium Bandwidth

    There's 1 to 3Gbps Bandwidth per server with 1 to 10TB of free traffic available per month.

  • DDOS Protection

    Every server is protected against DDOS amplification attacks. AI based IP scrubbing available upon request.

  • Private VLAN Subnets

    Make private server clusters through 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets, enabled by default.

Cherry On Top Services

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Our support engineers are always within arm's reach for every question you may have.

  • Personal Account Manager

    Everyone gets their personal account manager, who can handle even the most complex needs.

  • Various Payment Options

    We accept all traditional and most of the modern payment options.

Available Operating Systems

Windows Server
Windows Server*
*for Smart VPS servers only

Supported Payment Options

We support a wide variety of payment options. Choose Bitcoin, wire transfer, or anything in between.

Western Union
JCB Diners Club
Yandex Money

Managed Hosting Services on Dedicated Infrastructure

We've partnered with HyperOps to offer full package of end-to-end system management services on our Bare Metal. Our partners will take over management of your existing systems, upgrade them, or help you design new systems.

  • Active server level monitoring
  • End-to-end infrastructure administration
  • Full backups (daily or hourly)
  • Issues prevention and resolution
  • Business continuity plan

Our Client Success Stories

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