Streaming Servers

Bandwidth-intensive dedicated servers with unlimited traffic, billed per-hour or on a fixed basis

We offer VPS servers, Bare Metal and GPU-accelerated custom servers for small and big streaming projects alike. Whether you are a video streamer, gaming company or VPN provider, we have you covered.

Pay-as-you-go Bandwidth

as low as $0.00054 per GB

How much would you spend?

Traffic Usage 1 TB / month
Traffic Cost 0.54 USD / month

Free Monthly Traffic
For Every Server

1 TB for every Cloud VPS
10 TB for every Smart VPS
30 TB for every Single-CPU
Bare Metal
100 TB for every Dual-CPU
Bare Metal
200 TB for every Quad-CPU
Bare Metal

Unlimited Bandwidth Plans Available

Unlimited TB on 1Gbps uplink starting from
Unlimited TB on 3Gbps uplink starting from

Popular Streaming Servers With Unlimited Bandwidth Plans

  • Deployed from 3 minutes
  • Full Scale DDOS Protection
  • Automated Virtual LAN Subnets
  • GPU-Accelerators and Custom Hardware

Multi-tier Infrastructure
as a Service

Lightweight Compute

Cloud VPS Servers

Small virtual cloud servers that can be easily scaled up on the go

Middleweight Compute

Smart VPS Servers

KVM based VPS servers with fully dedicated resources and no noisy neighbours

Heavyweight Compute

Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Fully automated Bare Metal servers with zero virtualization and customizable hardware

Robust Networking

  • Premium Bandwidth

    There's 1 to 3Gbps Bandwidth per server with 1 to 200TB of free traffic available per month.

  • DDOS Protection

    Every server is protected against DDOS amplification attacks. AI based IP scrubbing available upon request.

  • Private VLAN Subnets

    Make private server clusters through 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets, enabled by default.

Cherry On Top Services

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Our support engineers are always within arm's reach for every question you may have.

  • Personal Account Manager

    Everyone gets their personal account manager, who can handle even the most complex needs.

  • Various Payment Options

    We accept all traditional and most of the modern payment options.

Supported Payment Options

We support a wide variety of payment options. Choose Bitcoin, wire transfer, or anything in between.

Western Union
JCB Diners Club
Yandex Money

Most Popular
Streaming Use Cases
at Cherry Servers

Media Streaming

Media Streaming

Live-streaming allows you to send video, audio or other media content in real-time and in compressed form to be played immediatelly. It's a bandwidth-efficient way to consume media over the Internet, allowing vendors to track and analyze content consumption habits and giving them more control over their intellectual property.

Data Stream Processing

Data Stream Processing

Stream processing is a big data technology, used to query continuous data stream and get insights on the fly in real-time. It's an invaluable asset when you need to take actions within milliseconds, analyze never-ending streams of events, or tackle with huge datasets which are inpractical to store.

Game Streaming

Game Streaming

Both game designers and streaming platform companies have a goal to ensure the ultimate gaming experience to their end-users. Whether you want to launch a Minecraft server or live-stream counter-strike tournament, you typically need powerful dedicated servers with decent Bandwidth connectivity.

Data Aggregation Services

Data Aggregation Services

Data aggregation is a process of efficiently bringing data from multiple sources, transforming it, and loading it into the main repository, on top of which you build your application, or conduct data mining. By combining our powerful IT infrastructure with your ETL pipelines you can easily gain competitive edge in retail, travel or financial industries.

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