Managed Hosting Services on a Private Cloud

When top-tier infrastructure meets ingenious engineering real magic happens. Talk to our consultant to consider using managed hosting for your project.

Give us some information about your project, so we could give you a well-informed consultation.

What does our Managed Hosting service include?

We have partnered with certified cloud engineers, so you could not only benefit from our private cloud infrastructure, bus also have your infrastructure managed by a team of dedicated system administrators.

  • Uptime guaranteed by contract
  • Active server level monitoring
  • End-to-end infrastructure administration
  • Hardware issues prevention and resolution
  • Full backups (daily or hourly)
  • Active application level monitoring
  • Guaranteed reaction and resolution time
Managed Hosting services start from 32 USD / month

When do you typically need Managed Hosting?

  • One hour of downtime costs you thousands of Euros in lost sales or reputation.
  • A DDOS attack or data leak due to security incident would have a significant impact on your business operations.
  • Your current hosting provider is unresponsive or under-qualified to properly support you 24/7/365.
  • You have some serious compliance needs.

Infrastructure as a Service
For Managed Hosting Projects

On-demand servers

On-demand servers

New Dedicated or Virtual Servers are deployed automatically in about 3 minutes, billed per-hour or on a fixed-term basis

Custom Dedicated Servers

Custom Dedicated Servers

Specialized dedicated infrastructure enables you to fit your workloads in the most suitable hardware to gain performance edge

Reserved Servers

Reserved Servers

We allow you to request a batch of custom hardware which will be hosted in one of our data centers and used with our cloud platform

Dedicated Infrastructure Ensures Superior Performance

Compare Cherry Servers Bare Metal with some other cloud vendors in the market
Hourly price
4 @ 3.5Ghz
2x 240GB SSD
Azure D8s v3
8 vCPU
64GB temporary storage
1954 (+21%)
192 (+35%)
15431 (-49%)
$0.379 (+49%)
Google Cloud
GCP n1-standard-8
8 vCPU
1846 (+15%)
260 (+83%)
25255 (-16%)
$0.371 (+44%)
EC2 t2 2xlarge
8 vCPU
1837 (+15%)
179 (+25%)
18175 (-40%)
$0.3712 (+48%)
Consider managed hosting for your project

Robust Networking Services
For Managed Hosting Projects

Private VLAN Subnets

Build private server clusters on 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets, enabled by default.

DDOS Protection

Every server is protected against DDOS amplification attacks. AI-based IP scrubbing available upon request.

Premium Bandwidth

There's 1 to 3Gbps Bandwidth per server with up to 200TB of free egress traffic, and unlimited ingress traffic

IP Addressing Services

  • Static Route IPs

    Public IPs that are assigned to particular servers by default. Great for running several web applications on a single machine.

  • Gateway IPs
  • Floating IPs
  • DDOS Protected IPs
  • Bring Your Own IP Range
Consider managed hosting for your project

Private Cloud Platform
For Managed Hosting Projects

  • Single-tenant Infrastructure

    Build a private cloud on our dedicated infrastructure with direct hardware access and a variety of Bare Metal servers.

  • 360° Monitoring
  • SSH keys
  • Access Roles
  • GDPR Compliant
Consider managed hosting for your project

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