Bare Metal Cloud Network

Being in a cloud should feel like on-premises and make your life easier. We bring data center grade networking services to small and medium businesses for an affordable price. Build on a public, hybrid or multi cloud with our flexible, powerful and secure networking services at hand.

Elastic Networking Services

Connectivity Bandwidth
Each bare metal server comes with up to 3Gbps ingress and egress connectivity bandwidth available by default for fast data transfer.
Free Traffic Packages
Data transfer doesn’t have to be expensive. We include from 30TB to 200TB of free traffic to every bare metal server for a monthly usage.
Additional Traffic Packages
Don’t bother much about growing expenses. With extra traffic packages available for as low as $0,001 / GB you can concentrate on scaling your streaming services.
Private VLAN
Virtual LAN interface is automatically assigned to every bare metal server. This allows you to interconnect your servers privately with 10Gbps connectivity.
Trusted data centers
We have our infrastructure implemented in top-notch European data centers with no single point of failure in West Europe (Netherlands) and North Europe (Lithuania).

Available IPs

Static Route IPs
Our static IP addresses are linked with a particular server and exposed to the Internet. Use these when you want to run several web applications on a single machine.
Gateway IPs
Our gateway IP addresses come in bundles, where 3 IPs are reserved configuration purposes. Use these when you need a gateway node for a virtualized bare metal machine.
Floating IPs
Our public IP addresses that can be assigned to any bare metal server dynamically within the same region. Use these for load balancing or high availability configurations.
DDOS Protected IPs
Our exclusive DDOS protected IP addresses that ensure Layer 7 protection for your application, based on machine learning algorithms. Available on demand.
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