Cloud Computing Security & Support

Things happen, so we need to be prepared. With the latest cloud security measures implemented you can sleep well knowing that most of the issues are being prevented. And if the unexpected does happen, there’s a team of friendly and competent support engineers – who are always willing to help – available within arm’s reach.

Cloud Security

No one wants to get their data compromised. We feel for that and implement the highest security measures from the ground up to make our cloud platform robust and resilient.
Default DDOS Protection
Every server with us is protected from standard DDOS amplification attacks free of charge. The most common attack vectors are filtered automatically to keep you safe.
SSH Keys
Along with root passwords, you can create your own SSH keys and assign them to selected servers on provisioning time for automation or security reasons.
ISO Certification
We are certified with ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, that obliges us to stay in line with the best practices for managing sensitive information.
GDPR Compliant
We believe in data privacy, so we treat personal identifiable information (PII) with utmost discretion. Our services are audited to be GDPR compliant.

Friendly Support

There are no complex support plans or extra costs, as we think that each customer – big or small – needs to have help available at any time within arm’s reach.
24/7 Technical Support
Rain or shine, our IT engineers are here for you when you need them. Have your doubts clarified and issues resolved in minutes, not days.
Dedicated account manager
Every client is assigned with a personal account manager to ensure seamless collaboration. With a single point of contact project execution becomes a breeze.
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