Bare Metal
Cloud Platform

Infrastructure as a Service For Public and Private Cloud Applications

We offer private and secure cloud infrastructure to small and medium businesses that is cost-effective and simple to use. With specialized infrastructure and hardware level control our clients can handle even the most demanding workloads at ease.

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3 Minute Deploys

Bare Metal or Virtual - get as many servers as you like on demand, billed per-hour or on a fixed-period basis

API & Integrations

Automate everything through our API and cloud-native integrations like Terraform and Ansible

24/7 Tech Support

Reach out to cloud engineers anytime, and have a dedicated account manager for personalized care

Infrastructure as a Service
Built to Scale

Cloud VPS Instances

Cloud VPS Instances

Small and swift virtual server instances that can be easily scaled up to a higher tier on the go

Smart VPS Instances

Smart VPS Instances

Robust virtual server instances with fully dedicated hardware resources and no noisy neighbors

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Private Bare Metal servers with zero virtualization, custom components and hardware level control

Custom Cloud Instances

Pre-built instances are often not enough when you want to have maximum performance for your workload. That's we've made it possible for you to build Dedicated Server instances with custom components online, delivered within a few hours.

  • Variety of Platforms
    Variety of Platforms

    Choose from a wide variety of server platforms with single, dual or quadruple Intel CPUs inside

  • Custom-built Servers
    Custom-built Servers

    Customize server hardware online by adding GPU accelerators, up to 1.5TB RAM, or up to 20 storage disks

  • Hardware Level Control
    Hardware Level Control

    Have a root access to your dedicated server hardware through remote IP KVM Console.

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Cloud Storage Built For Speed & Scalability

Elastic Block Storage

Easily scalable block storage that can be attached to any server
  • Best for backups, data warehouses or big data applications
  • Data triplicated on HDD drives with 500 IOPS
  • Storage blocks operate privately on a private subnet

What are your monthly storage needs?

Storage Usage 1024 GB
Monthly price 0.05 USD / GB
Total price 51.20 USD / month
Order through your Client Portal

Directly Attached Storage

Blazing-fast storage for maximum IOPS on each cloud server
Maximum IOPS - best for latency-sensitive computations
Maximum IOPS - best for latency-sensitive computations
RAID type 1 by default with custom RAID types available
RAID type 1 by default with custom RAID types available
Terabytes of HDD, SSD or NVMe storage at your fingertips
Terabytes of HDD, SSD or NVMe storage at your fingertips
Can be expanded with up to 20 storage disks per server
Can be expanded with up to 20 storage disks per server
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Data Center Grade Networking
For Any Business

Private VLAN Subnets

Build private server clusters on 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets, enabled by default.

DDOS Protection

Every server is protected against DDOS amplification attacks. AI-based IP scrubbing available upon request.

Premium Bandwidth

There's 1 to 3Gbps Bandwidth per server with up to 200TB of free traffic or unlimited traffic plans

IP Addressing Services

  • Static Route IPs

    Public IPs that are assigned to particular servers by default. Great for running several web applications on a single machine.

  • Gateway IPs
  • Floating IPs
  • DDOS Protected IPs
  • Bring Your Own IP Range
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Feature-rich Cloud Portal

There’s a powerful and intuitive Client Portal to help you get things done faster. Manage and monitor your cloud services in a single place.

Access Roles

Access Roles

Collaborate with your colleagues more securely with distinct membership roles.

360° Monitoring

360° Monitoring

Track CPU, memory and network utilization through our infrastructure monitoring service.

Secure Log-in

Secure Log-in

Protect your Client Portal with two factor authentication and IP access restrictions. Safely connect to your servers by adding your public SSH key.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

We believe in data privacy, so we treat personal identifiable information (PII) with utmost discretion. Our services are audited to be GDPR compliant.

Cloud Automation
For Every Scenario

  • API & Libraries

    Access and control your cloud services programmatically through RESTful API, command line interface or supported libraries.

  • DevOps Integrations
  • Custom Playbooks
  • Cloud-init service

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