Bare-Metal Cloud Platform

Raw single-tenant compute with hardware level control and zero virtualization, deployed within 10 minutes

Flexible Deployment Options

There’s no one size fits all solution in our industry, but when it comes to choosing the best hardware set for your business, we are flexible enough to find the most suitable option for you.
Pre-built server instances
We partner with Intel to bring you a wide portfolio of top-notch servers with the maximum provisioning speed. With pre-configured bare metal you get general purpose server instances automatically in minutes.
Custom server instances
The true magic of bare metal starts when you request specialized hardware. With our server customizer you can tweak server hardware by adding GPU accelerators, additional RAM, SSD or NVMe storage – all on our website.
Reserved server instances
No need to worry, if you don’t see an appropriate solution available. Give us a shout and we’ll work it out with our suppliers to provide you with the infrastructure of your dreams for that complex project to come to life.
Variety of payment options
We support a wide variety of payment options to make ordering process a smooth summer breeze. Whether it’s Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin or wire transfer – we support them all. Choose the one you like most.

Ultimate Agility

By creating bare metal cloud platform we have brought elasticity to bare metal servers. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on virtual machines and hyperscale providers.
Hourly billing
There’s no need to overspend. Control your budget effectively by paying on a per-hour basis for what you use only. No strings attached.
Rest API
Manage your infrastructure programmatically via our RESTful API or with native API libraries in popular languages, like Go and Python.
10 minute deploys
In business every minute counts. We understand this and offer fully-automated deploys to give agility to your business and bring powerful infrastructure to your fingertips.
DevOps Automation
Treat your infrastructure as code to create, change and improve it safely and predictably with our Ansible and Terraform module libraries available at hand.

Client Portal

There’s a powerful and intuitive client portal to help you get things done faster. Start quick and tap into a feature-rich dashboard to manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure in one place.
Teams and Projects
Collaborate with other users and share resources across associated Projects within a Team or manage multiple Teams from a single account at once.
Identity And Access Management
Invite additional members to your Team and assign them with Collaborator, Admin or Billing roles to improve cooperation and ensure security.
24/7 Server Monitoring
Track CPU, memory and network utilization through our infrastructure monitoring service.
Integrated Ticketing System
Have all your communication history stored in one place and a team of support engineers just a few clicks away from you.
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