Elastic Bare Metal Cloud Infrastructure

Bare metal cloud gives businesses a private and secure cloud infrastructure that is cost-effective and simple to use. We offer a wide portfolio of Intel servers that are fully automated and well-suited for even the most demanding workloads. Raw and simple.

Bare Metal Cloud Server Types

Every workload is different, we know this by heart. Thus, whether you need just a small server to run your Kubernetes daemon, or a powerful workstation for batch data processing jobs, we’re here for you.
Lightweight Compute
Single processor dedicated servers with a balance of compute, memory and storage resources, that are well-suited for most general purpose applications, like containerized microservices or development environments.
Middleweight Compute
Fuel your application with top-speed single-processor or multicore dual-processor servers, designed to handle demanding workloads, like medium databases, complex websites or scheduled batch processing tasks.
Heavyweight Compute
Top-notch dual or quad CPU machines for mission-critical workloads, that are next to none for distributed analytics, network file systems, batch processing or high-performance scientific computing applications.

Bare Metal Cloud Compute Benefits

We bring elasticity to bare metal machines, enabling powerful bare metal cloud features for raw server hardware. No more inefficiency, noisy neighbors or complex pricing calculators.
10 minute deploys
In business every minute counts. We understand this and offer fully-automated deploys to give agility to your business operations and bring powerful infrastructure to your fingertips.
100% Dedicated Servers
Enjoy raw horsepower of single-tenant Bare-Metal machines with no virtualization overhead or noisy neighbors. Don’t make your performance suffer.
Hourly billing
There’s no need to overspend. Control your budget effectively by paying on a per-hour basis for what you use only. No strings attached.
Private & Secure
Be the only one who has the keys to the hardware and meet the highest security compliances easier. Your mission critical workloads are at home with us.
Hardware Level Control
Things happen. And when they do, you want to have emulated local access to your server hardware via secured IP KVM to manage your server or mount an ISO image remotely.
Directly Attached Storage
Top speed storage with no network overhead. Choose from HDD, SSD or NVMe storage drives for your bare metal machines.

Bare Metal Infrastructure Performance Benchmarks

Compare Cherry Servers Bare Metal with some other vendors in the market
Python's average performance on given system
Machine learing framework
HTTP requests per second
Hourly price
4 @ 3.5Ghz
Azure D8s v3
4 @ 2.39GHz (E5-2673 v3)
100GB virtual disk
1954 (+21%)
192 (+35%)
15431 (-49%)
$0.384 (+54%)
Google Cloud
GCP n1-standard-8
4 @ 2.3GHz
32GB PersistentDisk
1846 (+15%)
260 (+83%)
25255 (-16%)
$0.38 (+52%)
EC2 t2 2xlarge
8 @ 2.39GHz (E5-2676 v3)
1837 (+15%)
179 (+25%)
18175 (-16%)
$0.3712 (+48%)
build: f496167.265
ui: 0.29.10