Dedicated Spot Servers

Our Spot Server Market lets you employ unused capacity of Cherry Servers cloud without bidding and time constraints, for as long as there is available capacity. Spot Servers are available at up to a 67% discount compared to hourly and fixed-term prices. You can use Spot Servers for various stateless, fault-tolerant, or self-aware applications.

Dedicated Servers Pool

Our Spot Server Market pool consists of high-end dedicated servers only. Having zero virtualization layer, these bare metal servers will help you do the job quicker and more cost-effectively.

Short-lived, Low-cost Servers

There is no bidding, and we don’t take Spot Servers away unless we lack on-demand server capacity. If your application can withstand possible server deprivation, Spot Servers will help you save a fortune.

Predictable and Low Cost

Spot Servers are up to 67% cheaper than regular servers. Pricing is fixed so you will always get low cost and financial predictability, without the need to participate in complex pricing auctions.

Our High Performance Spot Servers

Spot Server Features

  • Simple configuration

    Deploy a Spot Server by simply ordering it through your Client Portal, or a dedicated API endpoint.

  • Fixed pricing
  • Graceful shutdown
  • Pay per-use only
  • Easily extendable
  • Private Network
Ready to start using Spot Servers?

Popular Spot Server Use Cases

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Process massive amounts of data with our Spot Servers to train your machine learning model on Spark or any other cluster-computing framework.

Stateless Microservices

Stateless Microservices

Create self-managed Kubernetes clusters and run your worker nodes on Spot Servers. Containerized workloads are a perfect match for Spot Servers.

Graphical Rendering

Graphical Rendering

Run your image and media rendering jobs at scale with our Spot Servers, and shrink your project expenses by up to 67%, finishing your work well before the deadline.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Accelerate loosely coupled HPC workloads and finish your project for as cheap as possible with our top performing bare metal Spot Servers.

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